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Message, Vision, and Objective




Based on previous wide experience in both commercial and industrial domains in Saudi markets, we established Al Madar Al Wase'a company for commercial and industrial investment in the beginning of 2009. Our company carries out various investments in commercial and industrial domains. It sponsors investors from other countries and fulfills their requirements, which include furnishing necessary permits and licenses tailored for every activity, and accomplishing commercial and industrial cooperation with them.


 Vision :


We realize that the most important component of investment success is a creative mentality which is capable of adapting investment requirements and going along with the most-recent scientific technologies. We also believe that if the ultimate goal of the investor is to achieve profit, then this goal can only be realized through the bridges of mentality development through successful investment.




The message of Al Madar Al Wase'a is reflected in the successful projects and investments and in supporting companies, foundations, and individuals in addition to Saudi, Arabic, and global establishments in order to survive, thrive, and develop the market. We realize that the survival is of the fittest, and the fittest is the skillful administratively, technologically, and humanly.

To ensure the success of this investment the company relies on essential values and basics which governs the conduct of workers.




  • Ensuring professional high-quality administrative and consultative work for our clients and partners.
  • Attracting the most experienced staff who is mostly honest and dedicated to work.
  • Establishing a long-lasting relation with the clients in order to gain their trust, approaching them, and continually supporting them.
  • Adjusting the conduct of individuals to reach the professional administrative and artistic performance in the company.
  • Analyzing the local market and supplying our partner with the appropriate consultation and guidance on the best available opportunities.
  • Creating a comprehensive statistical, financial, and economic data base that best serves our partners.
  • Performing professional marketing research to serve our partners' investments. 
  • Setting the plans and strategies of marketing that best serves our partners.
  • Planning and designing marketing and sales administration.   
  • Studying and determining the problems of marketing administration and finding the appropriate solutions.